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CERAGEM – the drug-free way to pain relief with no side effects.

CERAGEM is a Global Home Healthcare Company with a big heart. Millions of people around the world love using CERAGEM. Our products are designed to help you to have a pain-free, happier, healthier life.

Award winning, clinically proven products to help you live a healthier life.

Award-winning CERAGEM was established in 1998 and we’ve been delighted to know millions of people around the world have benefited from using CERAGEM thermo-therapeutic massage ever since.

Many use CERAGEM for back pain, joint pain, neck pain, and also to help to improve their general health and wellbeing. People have tried to our demo center simply to experience CERAGEM.

Originating in South Korea, and now, around 2500 CERAGEM Demo Centers can now be found in over 70 countries.


The first thermal massager fully customized for your body.

The CERAGEM Master V3 features a spinal scan technology never seen before in conventional thermal massagers! It is equipped with artificial intelligence. It scans one’s spine and customizes the treatment. It has 12 massage programs for full spine treatments as well as manual operation for specific areas.

The automatic APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System) offers a thermal massage that best accommodates your body. The internal projector scans your body initially from head to pelvis. It measures the length of your spine and the degree of your spinal curvature to suggest the best massage for you.

Running between the cervical vertebrae and coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector also stimulates acupoints along the spine that vary from person to person, specifically the pressure points in the muscles on the sides of each vertebra. This revolutionary feature helps ensure greater comfort and efficacy during the massage.


There are six different intensity levels manually adjustable to satisfy one's desired massage pressure.


CERAGEM’s sound therapy is aimed at relieving stress while providing deep mental relaxation. Ten sounds tracks are a variation of classical music, sounds of nature, and calming music to aid in meditation.


Oriental medicine believes that there are quite a few pressure points along the spine that are connected to every part of the body. By pressuring the acupoints, CERAGEM Master V3 will stimulate the body parts and heal the body. It also facilitates blood circulation that provides oxygen and nutrients to the body and takes out toxins from the body. By boosting the immune system and accelerating the body’s own ability to recover, CERAGEM Master V3 will help you lead a healthy life.

CERAGEM is a Far-Infrared ray medical device that does acupressure, moxibustion, massage, and chiropractic practice simultaneously. Far-infrared ray (FIR) is used widely in alternative treatments to raise the core body temperature, fight inflammation, and expedite blood circulation. Research shows that our immune system is boosted by five times when our core body temperature goes up by 2 degrees.

When CERAGEM Master V3 shoots Far-Infrared rays into acupuncture points, it penetrates deep into our body up to five inches, vibrates, and stimulates cells. It stimulates Qi energy circulation through the acupuncture points and induces a smoother flow of the body energy. It is claimed that the Moxibustion is especially effective in the treatment of chronic health problems like “deficient conditions” (weakness).


By lifting up the spine, CERAGEM Master V3 stretches and widens disk space little by little. Continuous use will relieve the back and neck pain. It is believed that 80% of our diseases come from the spine-wrong posture, deformed spine and compressed disks. The treatment of the spine will help relieve pains in the neck, lower back, and sciatica.


CERAGEM Master V3 is a Class IIa Medical Device. It has four international patents. CERAGEM products are medical device that has international safety and quality certificates (ISO, FDA, CE, SEDA). It was certified by the KOREA Ministry of Food and Drugs Safety, US FDA, EUROPEAN CE and etc., for the relief of muscle pain, relaxation of muscles, and enhancement of blood circulation at the application site.

IN CHINA, through the clinical trial, the CERAGEM Master V3 was approved by the National Drug Administration, CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) for adjuvant (aid) action on the relief of 12 symptoms, including:
1. Hypertension
2. Type 2 diabetes
3. Chronic fatigue
4. Chronic gastritis
5. Prostatitis
6. Insomnia
7. Constipation
8. Cervical disease
9. Lumbar disc herniation
10. Psoas injury
11. Pelvis inflammation
12. Shoulder joint inflammation.

IN RUSSIA, CERAGEM Master V3 has been allowed by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) in the territory of the Russian Federation to be used as a medical product. According to studies done by the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences, CERAGEM can be used both in medical practice and at home without the accompaniment of medical personnel.
CERAGEM Master V3 has been successfully used for many years for the treatment and prevention of various diseases in the physiotherapy rooms of medical institutions in the Russian Federation.

In 2005, when the CERAGEM company first entered the Russian market, numerous tests were required to obtain the status of a medical device. The device has been successfully tested on the basis of all departments of medical institutions. Positive reactions were observed in more than 80% of cases and NO COMPLICATIONS were recorded! After 15 years, Russian doctors continue to investigate the effect of the CERAGEM Master V3 device. On year 2020, they published the test results of bronchopulmonary diseases.

Today, CERAGEM Master V3 is used in more than 20 leading hospitals and clinics in RUSSIA, such as the General Military Hospital. Academician N. N. Burdenko, ICS-SK them. Bakuleva, GU GII Influenza RAMS.

CERAGEM MASTER V3 is safe to use and have no known side effect up to the present.

Improve the quality of your life with the smart space-saving medical device that brings practicality and functionality for you and the entire family.



While the internal projector moves along the body from head to pelvis, it measures the length and the degree of your spine, suggesting the most suitable massage to your body. By running between the cervical vertebrae and coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector also stimulates chi points around the spine.


APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System)

The internal projector plays a significant role in analyzing users’ spinal characteristics, such as height and length. The APMS makes use of this analysis to adjust the height and contour of the automatic thermal massager to users’ spine. This revolutionary feature helps the users to have their spine massaged more comfortably and efficiently.

The APMS offers six intensity levels, helping users to find the most suitable intensity of massage.


The 12 massage programs of CERAGEM MASTER V3 were based on the ORIENTAL MEDICINE approach on treatment and prevention of diseases.

The movement of a CERAGEM MASTER V3 moxibustion device is patterned according to diseases so as to allow a bone of the spine associated with a disease to be intensively massaged. If a disease is selected, it will operate according to the set massage pattern so as to enable an automatic customized massage according to the disease.
Accordingly, acupressure or moxibustion has been widely carried out on spine meridian points together with acupuncture in Oriental medicine to strengthen immune functions, or relieve physical pains, treat and prevent diseases.


The CERAGEM MASTER V3 actually moves while performing a massage on the sympathetic nerve zone and/or the parasympathetic nerve zone in the case of a disease showing a relationship between the *sympathetic nerves and the parasympathetic nerves.
(*The sympathetic nervous system activates the fight or flight response during a threat or perceived danger, and the parasympathetic nervous system restores the body to a state of calm.)
It is configured to treat diseases at the spine with acupressure and warmth serves to stimulate meridian systems and meridian points positioned around the spine while forcing an acupressure ball provided with a lamp to move in a horizontal direction.
In this case, far-infrared rays emitted from the lamp have an acupuncture effect since they function to penetrate deep into the skin, the warmth has a moxibustion effect, and the acupressure ball has an acupressure effect.
The central nerves of a human body go through the spine to body parts, and thus main meridian points associated with activities of various organs such as the heart, lungs, and stomach as well as various adult diseases are scattered around the spine.


Conventional thermotherapy devices have problems because they use the concept of simply massaging the spine for health, and do not carry out more specific and elaborate massages for health according to diseases and health conditions of an individual, and a desired therapeutic effect.

The massage programs of the CERAGEM MASTER V3 is effective for specific health problems:

Automatic Mode - V3 Standard (the basic mode for health maintenance)
Mode 1- M3500 (General Health - with 15 body points for over-all treatment)
Mode 2 - Relaxation (Stress and fatigue)
Mode 3 - Improves digestion
Mode 4 - Circulation (Poor blood circulation)
Mode 5 - Basic Health (Low Immunity)
Mode 6 - Energy (ki) (Sexual dysfunction)
Mode 7 - Concentration (Attention deficit disorder)
Mode 8 - Restorative sleep (Insomnia)
Mode 9 - Body toning (Obesity)
Semi-Automatic Mode - Repetition Mode (for Spine Problems)
Manual Mode - Manual (Focus Treatment)



CERAGEM’s music selection includes classical music and sounds of nature to help you reach a deep meditative state of mind while you enjoy your massage experience.


CERAGEM’s sound therapy is aimed at relieving stress while providing deep mental relaxation. The 10 included sounds tracks are a variation of classical music, sounds of nature, and calming music to aid in meditation. In addition, the included SD Card (4 GB) allows the user to download their own favorite sound tracks for a truly customized experience.


Included in the hardware are 2-way speakers, an earphone jack, a MP3 dual remote control, and a 4GB SD Card.


The most notable feature of the CERAGEM Master V3 is the sliding design of the mat. This design occupies less space and fits well in a living room, bedroom, and so on, giving them a chic and modern look.


The special feature of the CERAGEM Master V3, sliding design of the mat helps users to use it as a thermal sofa, offering heat from the epoxy-carbon panel.

※ CERAGEM Master V3 Design Innovation
Tangerine, a world-renowned design consulting firm that has helped British Airways, Toyota, P&G, and Samsung to be at the forefront of design innovation, has designed the cutting-edge CERAGEM Master V3.



• Alleviates muscle tension, stiffness, and fatigue – to achieve pain relief.
• Reduces joint pain like arthritis and inflammation.
• Helps in the reduction of back pain and swelling.
• Enhances posture and flexibility – by promoting a better range of motion in the joints.
• Improves blood circulation.
• Benefits skin and respiratory system – reduces cellulite, and stabilizes breathing patterns.
• Eliminates body waste and toxins well.
• Improves digestive functions.
• Promotes deep sleep.
• Promotes more energy throughout the body.
• Promotes the immune system.
• Accelerates the body's own ability to recover.
• Effective alternative device to reduce daily stress.
• Enhances emotional and mental advantages – by establishing a stronger mind/body connection, and creating a sense of wellness, the massages may help to eliminate anxiety, and the relaxing effects produced by the session can calm the mind and promote clear thinking.



Deep infrared lifting is the only treatment recommended for facial tightening. It has no contraindications. It leaves no traces or irritation on the skin, it's painless. And it can be made at home with a smart CERAGEM Master V3 Medical Device.

External CERAGEM projector, like the whole device, radiate long-wave infrared radiation. Therefore, they can be used for all parts of the body.

🔸 Who needs lifting?
Those who have eye bags, flabby skin under the chin after drastic weight loss, sagging in the lower jaw and neck area, second chin, ptosis - all this is a testimony for the deep infrared lifting procedure.

🔸 How does it work?
Gently massage the external projector (with cover) to the face, neck and neckline area. Depending on what body part we want to work out. The procedure affects soft tissues deep under the skin and does not affect the surface layers where melanin is located.

🔸 How fast is the result?
The effect of infrared lifting is visible almost immediately. The exchange processes in the epidermis are accelerating, while the synthesis of skin cells and collagen fiber improves. At the exit we get an instant skin tightening and a healthy complexion.

TRY CERAGEM MASTER V3 AT HOME- A great home alternative to beauty salons!


Everyday, give 40 minutes of CERAGEM time for yourself.

40 minutes of CERAGEM a day will help to relieve your daily stress, tension and fatigue. It will relax those tired and aching (spine) back muscles after a hard day's work. It is important to sleep with a relaxed muscles and tension relieved to maintain a healthy body condition.

By doing this, will give us more energy and vitality for daily life struggles.

Everyday use of CERAGEM Master V3 will provide you more flexibility, pain free and healthy living. It will improve your general health which boost your immune system and accelerate your body's ability to heal itself!

Do you want more benefits?

2 times a day is much better!

Do you want the best result?

3 to 4 times a day is highly recommended!

Add focus treatment to the area of the body that needs to be taken care of, and you will be amazed at the remarkable result of CERAGEM MASTER V3!


Each person has their own spine length. Therefore, it is impossible to provide equally effective moxibustion and acupressure for different people using one predetermined trajectory of movement of the internal projector.

This problem has now been resolved! CERAGEM Master V3 is the world's first therapeutic device that allows you to receive optimal massage and moxibustion, taking into account the length and natural curves of the human spine, regardless of gender and age.

Now the device is convenient to use not only for adults, but also for children - the scanning function is available if the child's height has reached 120 cm.


CERAGEM therapy focuses on the spine, which is the center of the human body. Ceragem believes that the first step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to be aware of the importance and value of the spine.


Throughout our entire lives, we must keep a well-aligned spine to maintain a healthy life. Good health is one of life's greatest blessings, and it's a common interest shared by all people. Don't forget that our greatest asset is our health.


Spinal disorders, low back pain, shoulder aches, and weak arms can be caused by weak posture, bad habits, exercising incorrectly, and prolonged stress. It's important to note that spinal disorders and the pain associated with them originates from the spine. Therefore, daily management of your spine plays a crucial role in maintaining your health.

A house that has survived hundreds of years was because of the strong columns that maintained it. Likewise, humans that have reached 100 years of their existence, usually have straight and healthy spinal columns that keep them healthy for all those years.



The spine performs:

1. The function of protecting the brain and spinal cord - components of the central nervous system.
2. Supporting the autonomic nervous system, coordinating the functions of the body.
3. Supporting the safe functioning of the main organs of the human body; and also participates in hemopoiesis (the production of blood cells and platelets, which occurs in the bone marrow) of people over 10 years of age, in the body of which most of the blood is produced in the vertebrae and pelvic bones.



The spine is closely intertwined with the nervous system, muscles, muscle corset, ligaments, so that it can reliably and steadily support the body.

A long stay of a person in the “sitting” or “standing” position, in contrast to the “lying” position, increases the load on the nerve endings located in the region of the spine, which can lead to pinching, and incorrect posture and bad life habits can provoke distortion (scoliosis) and pain in the spine.



Our body, including the spine, can truly rest only in the “lying” position.

It is in the horizontal position that the spine is extended, the intervertebral space increases and the pressure on the intervertebral discs decreases, and pinched nerves are released.

At the same time, blood flow in the arteries of the brain is activated, the heart rate decreases and, as a result, a comfortable state of the body is ensured.

In addition, thermal stimulation helps to increase the temperature not only on the surface but also in the depths of the body, mental and physical relaxation, activation of blood circulation, as a result of which muscle pains are relieved.

The Five Principles of CERAGEM


Chiropractic comes from the Greek word-cheir, which means ‘hand’, and prattein, which means ‘treatment’. It was the word used for medical treatments that uses only the hands without surgery or the use of drugs, however, today ; the word is used for treatment for backbone correction. It became known to the world when around 1895 ; Dr. David Palmer established the principle in terms of medical science of chiropractic. At the time, it was an integrated treatment that included massage therapy, water therapy, light therapy, magnetic treatment, homeopathy and bonesetting.

When the intervertebral disks get contracted, which in turn represses the 31 threads of spinal nerves from the spinal cord, causing functional problems, chiropractic is a scientific field that treats such condition by adjusting the spine by hand, helping the body to cure it self naturally. It is recognized world wide in 70 countries as a formal medical practice.

Chiropractic corrects the deformed spinal regions by hands or through using equipment. If spine is deformed or crooked, the spinal nerves get squeezed and this condition causes various kinds of dysfunction of organs that are connected to the spinal nerves.

Most common modern ailments such as lumbago, tinnitus, and autonomic nerves malfunction are all attributable to spinal problems, most common being crooked or deformed spine. By correcting the deformed or crooked spine, the nervous system is corrected, enhancing the organs, accelerating the lymph circulation and strengthening the immune system, the diseases are prevented and aging process is slowed down.


Thermotherapy usually uses either conduction heat or radiant heat. Thermotherapy helps to improve blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism, and reduces pain, muscle tension, so it is known to help to improve the conditions of, arthritis, muscle pain, and other chronic inflammation and also it helps to recover from fatigue.

The main reason for applying heat to the body is to increase the bloodstream by increasing body temperature. If the body temperature drops even by 1°c, we start to suffer from various sicknesses due to chill, in contrast, if our body temperature increases from normal to 1°c, our immunity increases more.

① Improves the capability of tissue.
② Help to prevent solidification of joints.
③ Helps to relieve pain.
④ Helps to relieve muscle tension.
⑤ Increases the blood flow.
⑥ Reduces inflammation symptoms and edema.

Jade emits abundant Far Infrared when heated, this stimulates the circulatory system, causing the heart to beat more vigorously and blood vessels to dilate, which helps cleanse the circulatory system and more fully oxygenate the body’s cells. Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery, and strengthening the immune system by raising the core body temperature.


Moxibustion is a form of thermotherapy that started from mildly burning the areas of pain. It involves adding various kinds of medicinal herbs to the treatment. Its theoretical background is based on meridian pathways and the acupuncture points. This method developed as a method of stimulation that provides acupunctural treatments, that are as effective as pharmaceutical treatments. Today, moxibustion is being acknowledged as a medical method that corrects the functions of body organs.

The main effects of moxibustion:

① Activates the cells.
② It helps to improve blood circulation.
③ Moxibustion changes the blood constituents.
④ Controls the hormone discharge.
⑤ Controls the nervous system.
⑥ Controls the functions of internal organs.
⑦ Relieves pain.


Since the early times, men instinctively touched, rubbed or pressed around the area of pain. And during such a repetitive process, men found areas where physical stimulation relieved or effective in healing particular sickness. This developed into finger-pressure or acupressure therapy. Therefore finger-pressure therapy started with the beginning of mankind. The most common form of acupressure therapy is actually the eastern massage therapy. Then this method developed into using other devices instead of using hands - acupuncture and moxibustion.

Acupressure therapy is fundamentally based on the acupuncture points defined in the eastern medicine, but it also does add the western massage and chiropractic concepts.

Acupressure therapy helps the body...

① By circulating the blood and lymph glands, vitalizing the metabolism.
② By relaxing all the muscles of the body, it releases tension in the stiff muscles.
③ By correcting the deformed ligaments, muscles, and tendons.
④ By stimulating the acupuncture points, control the body organs.
⑤ By controlling the central nervous system, that is the autonomic nerve system, which is the most important system in the human body.
⑥ While controlling the endocrine disability, help to relieve fatigue.

Acupressure is excellent for treating fatigue, headache, insomnia, gastroptosis, weariness, shoulder pain, period pain, eye fatigue, and preventing cold. It is also good for weight control and is helpful for keeping flexible skin.


Massage is used to help manage a health condition or enhance wellness. It involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body. Massage has been practiced in most cultures, both Eastern and Western, throughout human history, and was one of the earliest tools that people used to try to relieve pain.

Benefits of Massage:

① Relaxing – When the body is tense and under stress, it produces unhealthy levels of the well-known stress hormone, cortisol, which can contribute to weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, and headaches. Massage therapy has been shown to decrease cortisol levels in the body. This enables the body to enter a recovery mode. Massage also triggers lasting feelings of relaxation, improved mood, and reduced stress levels.

② Reduces Stress – Not only can massage therapy help with stress relief, but regular massage sessions over a prolonged period of time can boost energy levels, reduce pain, and stimulate individuals on physical as well as emotional levels.

③ Can Help Lower Blood Pressure – Regular massage therapy sessions have been found to reduce blood pressure levels. In fact, some long-term studies have shown that a consistent massage program can reduce both systolic (upper number) and diastolic (lower number) blood pressure. Moreover, it can also reduce cortisol levels within the body. Furthermore, consistent massage sessions can also reduce trigger sources for anxiety, hostility, tension, and depression. In turn, lower blood pressure levels can also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and/or kidney failure, as well as many other health issues.

④ Promotes Muscle Relaxation – The purpose of massage therapy is to target the source of the body’s pain via eliminating tense muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing relaxation to the affected muscles as well as the body as a whole. Massage also promotes circulation to the affected or injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. In turn, this increased activity to the affected sites reduces stiffness and edema (swelling) in the muscles and joints, as well as increases flexibility to help reduce pain. Massage also releases endorphins (pain-killing hormones), which boost the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body. These hormones assist the body in many ways–physically as well as emotionally. Case in point, they promote healing, pain management, and feelings of euphoria, as well as help to calm the nerves.

⑤ Can Help Improve Circulation – The long-term benefits of massage therapy are not to be belittled. Improved circulation gradually occurs in the body as a result of receiving regular massage therapy on a consistent basis.




1. The life that I want.
2. My work, my life is an everyday challenge for me.
3. The "value" for my life.


1. The LIFE that I want.
2. I will again spend this day with passion.
3. I am the one who will make my life active.
4. The VALUE for my life.


1. We spend our day, today with passion.
2. There's a reason for every feature and the design of Ceragem Master V3.
3. The VALUE of life for me.


Dr. Samuel Bernal is a professor of medicine in UCLA and a former assistant professor at the Harvard Medical School. Bernal is also a medical doctor, an esteemed cancer researcher, a lawyer specializing in Regulatory Law and Medical Malpractice, a chemist, a molecular biologist, a PhD and MBA degree holder, a cancer director in several US hospitals, a leading figure in stem cell research, cancer therapy and bio-regenerative medicine, the founder and chairman of Strata Lucida and LA-Boston Bioresearch Fund, the author of several books on oncology and cancer research, a director of various business organizations and foundations, and the consultant adviser on Regenerative Medicine Program for The Medical City in the Philippines.

He mentioned that CERAGEM is:
✅FDA Approved Class II Medical device.
✅Very beneficial.
✅Emits Far infrared heat which relaxes the muscles.
✅Increase the blood circulation and
✅Accelerates body's own ability to recover.
✅Provides a deep massage all throughout the body, especially the back muscles.
✅It gives better effect to provide relaxation and
✅Further promote blood circulation.
✅Relieves muscle aches and
✅Reduces joint pain like arthritis and inflammation.
✅It's an effective alternative device to reduce daily stress.
✅Many patients report reduction of back pain and swelling and they
✅Sleep much better at night,
✅They feel more energy throughout the body and
✅They were able to live an active lifestyle.
"I know I did, when I use the machine.
What I really like Ceragem is that it has
✅No known side effects.
✅It is a really healthy way to promote wellness."


Again, for the 3rd year in a row!
CERAGEM, a global home healthcare company, won the medical home appliance category for three consecutive years at the '2021 KOREA FIRST BRAND AWARDS' held at the Conrad Seoul Grand Ballroom on the 27th.
The'Korea First Brand Awards' hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum is an awards ceremony for Korea's representative brands with authenticity and authority, which celebrated its 19th anniversary this year. This year's awards were awarded by discovering brands that will lead in 2021 in various fields of society, such as business, economy, people, and culture, through consumer surveys involving about 240,000 people.
CERAGEM, which was selected as the 1st place in satisfaction in the medical home device category, is loved by consumers for its product features that enable convenient daily spine care at home through the spine medical home device 'CERAGEM MASTER V3', which has been certified for efficacy and effectiveness by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. .
CERAGEM SPINE THERMAL MEDICAL DEVICE provides a thermal massage of up to 65 degrees by scanning the spine itself. It has been certified for fatigue recovery and pain relief, and you can easily manage your spine at home. In addition, if you use the master mode that provides intensive massage effect by selecting the desired spine area, more efficient management is possible according to the condition of the body.
A Ceragem official said, "This award confirmed the high confidence and recognition of consumers for Ceragem spinal medical devices." Ceragem plans to continue in developing products and expand customer-oriented services in order to repay the enthusiastic support from consumers.


Ceragem, a healthcare company, won the Grand Prize in the Medical Appliances Division for the third consecutive year at the '2020 Korea's Most Loved Brand Grand Prize' held at the Hilton Hotel Millennium Seoul on June 4 (Thursday).

The 10th anniversary of this year is hosted by Chosun Biz, sponsored by Chosun Ilbo, TV Chosun, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Select and award a brand that has earned constant love from consumers.


CERAGEM, a global home healthcare company, received the Grand Prize in the Manufacturing Quality category at the '2020 National Industry Awards' held at the Grand Hotel in Switzerland on May 28.

Hosted by the Korea Institute for Industrial Policy and jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Seoul National University of Science and Science, and the JoongAng Ilbo.

The '2020 NATIONAL INDUSTRY GRAND PRIZE finds companies that provide sustainable growth engines and advances the national industry and virtuous cycle. It is a prize designed to build an economic paradigm.

According to the results of this national industry award, CERAGEM has evaluated to have CONTRIBUTED to the DEVELOPMENT of the MEDICAL DEVICE industry and NATIONAL EXPORT with the BEST TECHNOLOGY and PRODUCT POWER in the field of AUTOMATIC SPINE THERMAL DEVICE.

In addition, it has been recognized that it has been LEADING the ADVANCEMENT of MEDICAL DEVICE TECHNOLOGY through continuous technology development, investment for QUALITY IMPROVEMENT, and CLINICAL RESEARCH.

CERAGEM have launched the world's first automatic thermal therapeutic massager 'CERAGEM Master-M3000' in 1999.

'CERAGEM MASTER V3' has been upgraded to 12 massage programs and intensity level which allows users to find and manage the desired spine area based on the core technology of CERAGEM's spine medical devices.

CERAGEM has developed and launched a new product with various functions and content provision, and have been continuously accelerating the development of new products.

CERAGEM possesses a total of 210 technology-related property rights, including 74 patent registrations, 1 utility model registration, and 135 design registrations related to the manufacturing technology of its main product, the spinal thermal massager.

In addition, it has obtained FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), CE (European Integrated Safety Certification), UL (US Safety Standards Agency), and TUV (German Technical Inspection Association Certification) approvals for quality safety certification in each country.

In Korea, an MOU has been signed with industry-academia cooperation in the field of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE.

For quality improvement, CERAGEM will set a target for defective rate every year to achieve the excess, and we are regularly striving to improve quality by conducting regular training and ex post evaluation to improve quality.

CERAGEM was selected as a WC300 company, a government project in 2018, and is also conducting various projects to help corporate growth and national development.


CERAGEM actively reflects home healthcare trends and consumer needs from around the world to reflect home healthcare.

CERAGEM will its best to provide innovative technology and service for the device.

Meanwhile, CERAGEM was founded in 1998 and developed the world's first automatic thermal machine.

Since its establishment in 1999, it has secured more than 2,500 distribution networks (demo centers) in over 70 countries based on overseas subsidiaries across the continent including Europe and Latin America, contributing greatly to the medical device industry development and national export contribution.


As the number of new coronavirus (COVID-19) infected people increases worldwide this year, it is necessary to pay more attention to strengthening immunity in the body.

A weaker immune system breaks the balance in the body, weakening the responsiveness to infection and slow recovery.

In order to increase immunity during the change of season, it is good to keep body temperature warm and get a good night's sleep.

CERAGEM MASTER V3, a spinal medical device that has been certified for the purpose of using muscle pain relief abroad, such as the US FDA, Europe and Korea Food and Drug Administration that can relax the muscles around the back and spine in a comfortable lying position at home and help strengthen the immunity through thermal effects.

In fact, the Ceragem Medical Science Research Institute reported on the possibility that the thermal massage provided by the device may play a positive role in the immune function of the human body by confirming pain relief and immune cell function activity after the treatment of spinal thermal massage through clinical studies.

Ceragem Medical Science Research Institute received the excellent thesis award at the 6th ICSMB 2020 International Conference held by the Korean Association of Small and Medium Business Convergence in recognition of the results of this clinical research, and the 9th ICCT 2019 International Academic Conference has also received academic awards.

In addition, Ceragem's clinical research paper, titled 'Influence of spinal thermal massaging program on patient's pain, relapse rate, and quality of life', was published in 'International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (IJPR)'. The paper will also be listed in SCI-class international journals.


I hope that the quality of life of more people will be improved through the convenient use of CERAGEM MASTER V3 SPINE THERMAL MEDICAL DEVICE.”

Meanwhile, Ceragem operates a technology research center and a medical science research center within the company to develop its own technology and competitive products.

The Institute of Technology is qualified to the WTDP of UL accredited testing institute, and the Ceragem Institute of Medical Science, consisting of doctors and university professors, is focusing on clinical research and product R&D.

CERAGEM, was selected as the NO.1 BRAND in the Medical Home Device Satisfaction Category for the second consecutive year at the '2020 KOREA FIRST BRAND AWARDS'.

The “Korea First Brand Awards” hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum was held on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 as the representative brand award of Korea with authenticity and authority, which celebrated its 18th anniversary this year, starting with the first award ceremony in 2003.

In particular, this year's '2020 Korea First Brand Awards' was founded and awarded to the brand that will lead the year 2020 in various fields of society such as business, economy, people, and culture.

The criteria for awarding the First Brand Grand Prize are items that examine the preferences of candidate brands selected based on information from specialized organizations.

As the award-winning brands are selected with the participation of about 200,000 consumers, only those brands that are directly recognized for their TRUST and HIGH RECOGNITION CAN WIN the AWARD.

CERAGEM has been certified as a medical device brand that is directly recognized by consumers by selecting it for 2 consecutive years.


By presenting the right health care services to consumers and in recognition of the contributions made to the public health promotion and medical health industry development,
CERAGEM won the 2019 Korea Medical Healthcare GRAND PRIZE AWARD.


CERAGEM’s research and development center works around the clock in order to develop the best thermal massage bed in the industry.


The CERAGEM research and development center was established in 2001 with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the thermal massage bed to be the best in the field of home medical devices. Since then, CERAGEM has been committed to bringing quality medical devices for consumers to use in the comfort and privacy of their homes. And unlike traditional unsightly medical devices that look industrial and are typically cumbersome, the V3 was engineered with a sleek modern compact design that’s sure to fit any décor in your house.


CERAGEM’s research and development team re-engineered the thermal massage bed to accommodate people of various heights and sizes with its 5 technological patents that no other thermal massage bed in the industry can provide. The spine scanning feature, 12 program modes, 6 levels of intensities, music therapy, and compact sliding design was specifically engineered to give you a fully customized massage experience that’s not available in any other thermal massage bed. The new Master V3 gives CERAGEM a competitive advantage and a product that’s unrivaled in the industry. Since the establishment of the research and development team on July 2000, CERAGEM has been committed to developing the best home medical devices in the world.


CERAGEM researches the central spine of the human body for a healthy life. Through ceaseless research and various clinical activities, CERAGEM is proving the effectiveness and value of medical devices for spinal heating.


A place that does not go out of fire 365 days a year through continuous research and development.
CERAGEM's research and development center is lighting up today to fulfill the dream of CERAGEM's wish:
To be a company that leads a health culture which contributes to humanity and the world.


In an article on the effect of a spinal thermal massage program on patients' pain, relapse rate, and quality of life in patients with low back pain, a significant reduction in pain was confirmed by an experimenter receiving a thermal massage. The article was published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (IJPR).


In addition, the CERAGEM Medical Research Institute reported on the possibility that the thermal massage provided by CERAGEM Master V3 Spine Medical Device could play a positive role in human immune function by confirming pain relief and immune cell function activity after spinal thermal massage treatment through clinical studies.
















IN RUSSIA, CERAGEM Master V3 has been allowed by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) in the territory of the Russian Federation to be used as a medical product. According to studies done by the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences, CERAGEM can be used both in medical practice and at home without the accompaniment of medical personnel.

CERAGEM Master V3 has been successfully used for many years for the treatment and prevention of various diseases in the physiotherapy rooms of medical institutions in the Russian Federation.

In 2005, when the CERAGEM company first entered the Russian market, numerous tests were required to obtain the status of a medical device. The device has been successfully tested on the basis of all departments of medical institutions. Positive reactions were observed in more than 80% of cases and NO COMPLICATIONS were recorded! After 15 years, Russian doctors continue to investigate the effect of the CERAGEM Master V3 device. On year 2020, they published the test results of bronchopulmonary diseases.

List of leading clinics and hospitals in Russia that is using CERAGEM Master V3:


1. Main Military Hospital named after Academician N. N. Burdenko.
2. M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI)
3. Central Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
4. Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences
5. National Scientific and Practical Center for Cardiovascular Surgery named after A.N. Bakuleva.
5. Road Hospital named after N.A. Semashko
6. Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Air Force No. 25
7. Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Air Force No. 26
8. Diagnostic and Treatment Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 29
9. Central Military Clinical Aviation Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
10. Central Clinical Hospital for Rehabilitation
11. Polyclinic No. 2173
12. City Clinical Hospital No. 240
13. City Clinical Hospital No. 83
14. City Clinical Hospital No. 1
15. Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy
16. Rehabilitation Clinic No. 27
17. Clinical Hospital No. 2119
18. GUZ City Clinical Hospital No. 272 UZ ZAO Moscow.


1. Research Institute of Influenza RAMS
2. District Military Clinical Hospital named after 3 P. Solovyov No. 2442.
3. First Saint Petersburg State Medical University named after I.I. Academician I.P. Pavlov.
4. St. Petersburg Research Institute of Emergency Medicine named after V.I. I. I. Dzhanelidze.
5. Military Medical Academy named after I.I. CM. Kirov.

1. Why a free trial?

At Ceragem, we believe that the best way to demonstrate the true effectiveness of Ceragem is to let customers enjoy a free trial treatment before deciding to purchase our product, We value all of our customers, whether they decide to purchase the Ceragem or not. We trust our customers to evaluate the product for themselves to make the right choice. That is why we offer a free trial.

2. What is CERAGEM?

CERAGEM is a thermal massager that helps soothe body aches and pains associated with daily stress, pressure, and bad posture. It combines the benefits of alternative medicine derived from traditional Eastern medicine with advanced technology to provide the most effective healing and relaxation. Ceragem is easy to use and highly effective, as proven by the positive feedback we receive from our customers. Try Ceragem for free at one of our demo centers.

3. When will I see results?

Results are cumulative and depending on your health conditions, how long you have had the condition or injury, your age, the kind of work or sports you are involved in, and lifestyle choices you make. We advise you to use CERAGEM as much as you can and not to miss this golden opportunity. Each person’s experience is different but most people start to feel different after one to two weeks. We recommend committing to daily sessions for 2 weeks to see dramatic results faster.

4. What Is Far Infra-Red? Is It Safe?

Far infra-red is a specific type of light that is not visible to the naked eye but can be felt as warmth. It is the type of heat that we receive from the sun and that our bodies generate all the time – that’s why our bodies love it. Far infra-red is used in incubators to nurture newborn babies.

Far infra-red is not only safe, it is essential to life. We depend on far infra-red to stay alive. All of our essential bodily functions depend on far infrared heat like keeping our blood warm and circulating, maintaining a strong immune system, etc.

When we absorb far infra-red, our blood cells move faster. Active, moving blood means better circulation, better healing, better detox, and better cell regeneration. Better circulation means more oxygen in your blood. Oxygen-rich blood is the best way your body will reduce swelling and inflammation, heal tissue, and take the pain away.

Our bodies will absorb all the far infra-red it can to boost its’ ability to perform all these functions. Far infra-red IS NOT ultraviolet (UV). Remember, all premature babies are put into incubators that use far infra-red to save and support their lives.

How Does CERAGEM Use Far Infra-Red?

The CERAGEM Therapeutic Massage beds use far infra-red from solid jade and epoxy carbon panels as it closely resembles that generated by the body.

5. Are there any risks with using the CERAGEM?

CERAGEM MASTER V3 is a class IIa 510K medical device approved by Korea Ministry of Food and Drugs Safety, US FDA, Russia FDA and etc.

Since the year 1998, until now, there are no known side effects reported by CERAGEM users. Many doctors are becoming familiar with the benefits of the bed and are recommending their patients to use the bed. If you still have concerns, you may want to talk to your doctor about using the bed. If your doctor does not know about CERAGEM, please feel free to pick up a brochure, give them our Facebook page (CERAGEM PH) or website ( so they can learn more.

6. I Am Healthy And Exercise Already. Why Do I Need CERAGEM?

CERAGEM is for anyone and everyone who wants a better functioning body, more energy, and quicker recovery time. Healthy people maintain better health and very often improve things even more.

CERAGEM is the athletes’ choice for natural performance improvement and recovery therapy. CERAGEM was used by Olympic athletes in Beijing and in other sporting events. We’ve helped dancers, fitness trainers, bodybuilders, swimmers, runners, cyclists, golfers, footballers, Lacrosse players, and many sportsmen and women to do better and feel better doing what they love.

7. What should I expect?
The CERAGEM bed does non-invasive acupressure, chiropractic stretching and adjustment, and deep tissue massage employing FIR (Far-Infrared Rays) which is designed to keep your core body at vital temperature.

At the end of your session, you should feel less stressed and tension and those who have bad posture feel taller, at the very least. We advise you to drink more water especially if you perspire a lot after using it, to replenish the water that went out of the body. Many of our customers also report that they have more energy but at the same time have much deeper sleep on the night.

8. How often should I use CERAGEM?

In the beginning, we recommend to use it at least once a day, but when you use it at home, at least twice a day is more desirable, or even thrice a day especially when you want to address a health issue.

8. How much weight CERAGEM Master V3 can stand?

V3 is a product that has passed the standard specifications to prevent damage or problems even under a weight of 135kg and is capable of supporting up to 300kg even though it is heavy. In addition, no matter how heavy a person is, the weight is dispersed when he/she lies down, so there is no problem with the use.

9. What is the recommended temperature setting for CERAGEM V3 and P590?

V3 and P590 can be used from 30 to 65 degrees, but the degree of feeling varies depending on the person. However, for proper use, it is recommended to use around 50 degrees.

In particular, when using the V3 semi-automatic / manual mode (when exposed to a specific part for a long time), it is recommended to lower the temperature by 5 degrees below the normal operating temperature because you have to be careful of low temperature burns.

10. How about a warranty?

CERAGEM MASTER V3 has a 1-year warranty. Including parts and service.

11. How do I get a repair service?

CERAGEM is a sturdy, reliable unit that can last for years even with heavy use. If for some reason you encounter problems with its operation or would like to request service, please visit our help page for quick troubleshooting and service details.

12. How about electric consumption?

In the case of V3, the rated power consumption is 240W, but when it reaches a certain temperature, it consumes about 50W. According to the CERAGEM Institute of Technology's measurement, the power consumption is similar to 1 indoor fluorescent lamp.

We offer ECHOM (Experience Ceragem at home) to those who cannot come to try CERAGEM MASTER V3 at our demo center before deciding.

① Those who want their whole family to experience Ceragem.
② Those who have difficulty due to disability in mobility.
③ Those who want to experience Ceragem twice or more a day.
④ Those who want to experience the effect and benefits of Ceragem.

ECHOM - If you are hesitant to travel and wish to avail ECHOM Service, our 10-day trial of V3 at the convenience of your own home. ECHOM means EXPERIENCE CERAGEM AT HOME or try first before you decide to own.

In order to avail the ECHOM, you will deposit a security bond of ₱20,000 which is 100% deductible upon purchase. This is done through the contract agreement to be brought by the ECHOM Consultant upon installation of the demo unit in your home.

The ECHOM Consultant and 2 staffs would also be strictly following health protocols such as wearing face masks and disinfecting themselves and the unit for everyone's safety.
The ECHOM Consultant will be bringing a health certificate for your peace of mind.
Our ECHOM consultant will visit you 3 times or if you wish, we can arrange video call, messaging or through phone calls during the home trial to give some advise regarding the use of the product and the health concerns of every user in your home.

For those who are planning or thinking of purchasing, we encourage you to try this amazing Ceragem V3 first to experience the effects and know the long time benefits for you and your family before you decide.

This is a very wise investment but how would you know? Give yourself a chance to this modern technology to achieve a healthier life not only for you but for the whole family. Think it over because the most important thing than wealth is health.

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CERAGEM is a global healthcare company from South Korea that started on year 1998 and this year is its 21st year.
CERAGEM is the 1st company to produce the Automatic Thermal Massage Bed and the 1st company to introduce the "free trial" marketing system in the whole world.

We have CERAGEM distributor companies in 72 countries and 2500 demo centers worldwide and more than 5 million users are experiencing the amazing effect of CERAGEM Spine Thermal Medical Device every day.

In the Philippines, CERAGEM QUEZON AVENUE is one of the authorized distributor of CERAGEM products, we are the oldest surviving center that still on the same location and we are now on its 16th year.

At CERAGEM, we value the needs of our customers and we are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction by following our motto: LOVE, SERVICE, AND KINDNESS. We pledge to pursue innovative state-of-the-art devices through the efforts of our research and development center. Visit any one of our authorized dealers and experience first-hand the life-changing effects of the CERAGEM Master V3 automatic thermal massage bed today!


CERAGEM embodies a healthy life to its customers all over the world continuously.
It improves people's quality of life by providing the best products and services.
Let customers ensure the value of CERAGEM through experience.
To achieve our goal. Must to do: CUSTOMER-ORIENTED!
To achieve our goal. Never to do: Lose customer's trust!



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